Georgia, a small country in the eastern part of Europe. Hidden for many years behind the iron curtain of the Sovjet-Union has a unique position in our history of civilization. Slowly we are learning more and more of the importance of this magnificant country with it’s unique culture.

Amidst the large neighbouring historical empires, many have tried to conquer this country. But none of these empires have succeeded to opress the strong will of the Georgian people to retain their own identity,

This has resulted in a country which has their own unique language and handwriting, their own culture, cuisine and off course: art of winemaking.

Recovered clay vessels known as Qvevri’s have been proven to be as old as 8000 years, making Georgia the oldest wine making country in the world. This unique style of wine making where fermentation is taken place in clay vessels, buried underground – is preserved and used even today for making fantastic and unique wines. With up to 540 different grapes, mostly unknown to many Europeans, this country has a huge selection of tastes to offer for wine lovers.

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Dakishvili Red 2015

This beautiful wine from the family vineyard Dakishvili, together with his amber “brother” (the Dakishvili Amber), won a gold medal at the first international qvevri competition. And well deserved!

The winemaker Giorgi Dakishvili not only knows how to elevate the Saperavi grape to unprecedented quality and taste, but also knows how to combine this grape with the tough qualities of the cabernet-sauvignon grape. This combination in the right mixing ratio makes a beautiful quality wine.

If you want to put something special on the table, this is definitely the wine for the occasion. And of course this wine is “born” in the traditional Georgian Qvevri!

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Cloisonne enamel jewelry

Cloisonné enamel, a technique from the Byzantine era and empire that Georgia was part of. This unique and traditional technique is still practiced in Georgia. Often for icons and jewelery with a traditional style.

Mana has mastered this traditional technique and makes jewelry in a modern individual style. She is known for her eye for detail and excellent quality.

Actually these are not jewelery but small pieces of art, each piece unique and with its own identity and story. Take a look at and be amazed at what beauty a combination of ancient technique in a modern style can produce.

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