The following general terms and conditions apply to the ordering, delivery and collection of orders via the webshop (the “Webshop”) via (the “Website”).
These general terms and conditions also apply to customers acting in the exercise of profession or business.
The applicability of general terms and conditions of the buyer is expressly rejected.
By placing an order you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


The Privacy and Cookie Policy of Ghvino that you can find on applies to the processing of personal data of customers and loyalty card holders.
Placing orders in the Webshop is only possible if you create an account on the Website. In order to be able to create your account and to supply the functionalities, we process certain personal details of you, including your e-mail address, your password and your date of birth. This allows you to continue using your account and we ensure that you can log in securely. You can view all data that you have provided online with us in one place under “My Account” on the Website. This information is personal and we ask you to handle it confidentially, in particular by using your email address and password only for your own use and only storing it on your own computer.
We will do our best to ensure as far as possible that the Website is virus-free, but unfortunately we can not guarantee this. The Website contains links to third party websites. We select the websites referred to as carefully as possible. However, we can not guarantee the content and functioning of third party websites.


All intellectual property rights related to the Website, including those relating to the software, texts, images and sounds, are vested in Ghvino and / or at those from whom we have obtained a license. This means, among other things, that it is not permitted to publish, reproduce and / or edit the information stated on the Website without our permission, except for personal use.


Upon delivery of the order, the deliveryman will ask for identification if there is any doubt about the age of the person to whom the order is issued. The age verification applies up to at least 25 years. Valid proofs of identity include a national passport and a European identity card. If the minimum age requirement is not met, our delivery person is unfortunately obliged to take back the order or not to issue it. If the order can not be delivered because it can not be established that the age requirement has been met, cancellation costs of 10.00 euro will be charged. The reason is that we want to discourage minors from trying to place orders. See also “Delivery of your order”.


For the actions stated on the Website and in the digital folder on the Website: Op = Op. Not the entire assortment from the digital folder is available in the Webshop.
Ghvino reserves the right to change promotional conditions in the interim and to terminate actions prematurely.


The content of Facebook, Twitter and emailings is only intended for people aged 18 and older. By liking the Facebook account, following the Twitter account or subscribing to the emailings you confirm that you are 18 years or older. Nothing may be forwarded to or otherwise made available to persons under 18 years of age.


1. If you place an order in the Webshop of Ghvino, FlesPakket ( will take care of the delivery of the items at the delivery address in the Netherlands.
2. Delivery via Bottle Package:
If you order before 16:00 on a working day, the carrier selected by FlesPakket delivers the order to a delivery address in the Netherlands the next day. We strive to meet these delivery times and times, but unfortunately we can not guarantee the delivery moments. So you can not appeal to us for a late delivery.
We ask you to be present at the agreed delivery moment to receive the order. BottlePakket’s delivery staff will ask for identification if they are in doubt about the required age. If the minimum age requirement of 18 years is not met, our delivery person is unfortunately forced to return the order.The order will be canceled and a cancellation fee of 8.00 euros will be charged.
The delivery staff will ask you to sign for receipt of the order.
If you are not present at the agreed delivery moment, the delivery staff will try to deliver the order to the neighbors. The order will only be delivered to the neighbors if the receiving person is 18 years or older. If delivery to neighbors is not possible, FlesPakket will leave a message in the recipient’s mailbox and offer the next day (except Sunday and Monday) the order again. If the second delivery attempt (via identical procedure) fails, the order will be returned to us. The customer gets the order amount minus the shipping costs (6.95 euros) and any transaction costs refunded.
3. It is also possible to pick up your order at our location in Houten (The Netherlands). However, this depends on a date and time to be agreed. When this has been agreed, the order can be a discount voucher will be paid so no delivery costs will be charged.
4. It is in principle not possible to cancel an order (via the Webshop) after the order has been confirmed by us (receipt of order confirmation via email). Depending on the day and time, canceling may still be possible by contacting Customer Service (+31(0)6-11658164).


You can pay the online order via iDeal (direct payment via internet banking) or Paypal. You will receive the invoice for your order via email. For more information about iDeal, please refer to For more information about Paypal, please refer to


If you do not want to have certain products within 5 days of receipt of the order, you can return them to us. To do this you need to contact our Customer Service (+31(0)6-11658164) who will then explain the return process and applicable conditions to you. Return shipments are only accepted if the original packaging and contents including the label of the product are undamaged. The costs for returns are at your expense.
The orders received must be checked immediately for visible defects. In the event of any detected (visible and invisible) defects, you should contact our Customer Service (+31(0)6-11658164) after identifying these defects, which will explain the return process and the applicable conditions to you. You send the defects products back for which we will bear the costs. We request you to include a print of the mail in which our Customer Service confirms the return shipment with the return package, so that everything can be processed correctly by us. We advise you to keep the shipping receipt for your own administration.
In the event of breakage or incorrectly delivered items, you can choose to have the amount of the article in question credited or to receive the product. In the event of a breakage, we will only do this if the break has been reported at the latest on the next working day following the day on which delivery takes place. We therefore expect you to check the package immediately upon receipt for breakage. Refilling by Customer Service is only possible if the product is in stock. Adjustment of the amount to be paid or return of the amount already paid is as follows:
Within a week of receiving your return shipment, the money will be refunded to your account. If an item can not be returned due to breakage, for example, Ghvino will return the relevant return amount to your account within one week of the defect.


Our products are intended for end users and you are not supposed to resell them. We therefore reserve the right not to deliver orders in case of doubt or to attach a maximum to the quantities of certain items to be ordered.
Although the Website has been created with the utmost care, it may occur that product characteristics (price, appearance, allergen indication, product information, supplier information, alcohol percentage, volume) are not displayed or displayed correctly. In that case, the characteristics displayed on the packaging of the product itself and you can not claim delivery on the basis of incorrectly displayed information.
The information on the Website is adjusted from time to time. If you find errors on the Website, we would very much appreciate that you report this to us via our Customer Service (+31(0)6-11658164, [email protected]).


We can change these Terms and Conditions. The changed conditions start as soon as you place a new order with us.


For questions, comments and / or complaints about orders and our services, please contact our Customer Service (+31(0)6-11658164, [email protected]). Our Customer Service is available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (Saturday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm). Our Customer Service ensures that your questions, comments and / or complaints are handled as well as possible.